Restorative Medical Center               941-625-0304 - Your Guide to Optimal Health
Medical  Services Provided:

*Initial Medical Consult  to discuss your history and goals. Discuss the Restorative Model we use and make a plan focused on your goals.

*Blood Work-Up to check status of nutrition, hormones, toxins, as well as kidney, liver, cholesterol, and blood sugar function.
Fee depends on patients preferred lab.

*Complete Physical Exam for clearance of treatment.  To determine status of health and wellness before initiating any treatment. This includes PAP for women.

* Follow up dose adjustments.  Review progress and adjust doses of medications and/or treatment  every 3 months.

*Maintenance.  Every 6 months with blood work and exam. Review current symptoms, labs. Women yearly PAP. 

* Sick Visits Only $75! UTI? Sinus Infection? Earache? 
Come get checked out by our qualified Family Nurse Practitioner! 

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