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The Whole Wheat Truth

If you've been suffering from arthritis, gastrointestinal stress, migraines, brain fog, excess weight, osteoporosis, joint pain, acid reflux, IBS, asthma, lethargy, or diabetes, it might be time to point the finger at wheat.  Hybridization of wheat plants in the United States has changed the genetic structure of the wheat plant and varied the gluten structure.  Modern strains of wheat now express a higher quantity of genes for gluten proteins that are associated with celiac disease.  Wheat also contains amylopectin A, a complex carbohydrate that increases blood sugar more than table sugar.  As blood glucose goes up, the greater the insulin level, the more fat is deposited. The amylose in wheat is difficult to digest and often works it's way into the colon, undigested.

"Healthy whole grains" is an oxymoron.  Eliminating gluten from your diet can increase your bone density.  How?  Whole grains like wheat promote an acidic environment in our body.  In order to balance our pH the body releases minerals from the bones to counteract the acidity we've created.  If we eat foods like gluten that promote inflammation in our intestines, our body cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals from our food.  If we continually live in an acidic state our body will continually rob our bones of vitamins and minerals but will be unable to replenish those stores.  Replacing acid promoting foods with lots of greens and colorful vegetable dishes will help balance the pH of your body, reduce inflammation in the gut and allow your body to assume and assimilate the nutrients from your food.

For more on the perils of wheat, check out Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.

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